Liner is an AI-powered tool designed to help you save time and be more productive when searching for information online. It works by combining multiple sources of information, including traditional search engines, social media, and your own personal data, to provide you with the most relevant and accurate results possible.

One of the key features of Liner is its ability to learn from your individual preferences and habits. As you use Liner, it will begin to understand what types of information you find most useful and tailor its results accordingly. This means that you'll see fewer irrelevant results and more of the content that you're actually interested in.

In addition to providing more relevant search results, Liner can also help you save time by automating a number of tasks. For example, Liner can automatically save articles and webpages that you find interesting, so you can easily access them later. It can also create summaries of articles, so you can quickly get the gist of a piece of content without having to read the entire thing.

Liner is available as a free Chrome extension and iOS app. It also integrates with a number of other popular productivity tools, such as Slack and Evernote. This makes it easy to incorporate Liner into your existing workflow and get the most out of its features.

Overall, Liner is a powerful tool that can help you save time and be more productive when searching for information online. If you're looking for a way to streamline your research process and get more out of the web, Liner is definitely worth checking out.

Core Features

  1. AI Summarizer: This feature can summarize any webpage for you, so you can quickly get the key points without having to read the entire article.

  2. AI PDF Assistant: This feature can help you extract text from PDFs and turn it into searchable documents.

  3. YouTube Video Summarizer: This feature can summarize YouTube videos for you, so you can quickly get the gist of the video without having to watch the entire thing.

  4. AI Word Assistant: This feature can help you improve your writing by providing suggestions for grammar, style, and clarity.

  5. AI Image Reader: This feature can help you understand the content of images by providing descriptions and tags.

Use Cases

  1. Student preparing for an exam: Use AI summarizer to quickly grasp key points of academic papers and textbooks. Highlight and export important passages for revision flashcards. Get personalized content recommendations for additional resources and practice questions.

  2. Content creator researching a new topic: Leverage AI search to gather diverse perspectives from news articles, expert blogs, and social media discussions. Highlight and export quotes and statistics for crafting engaging content. Utilize AI word assistant to refine writing style and ensure clarity.

  3. Business professional staying ahead of industry trends: Employ AI search to discover relevant articles, reports, and competitor analysis across various platforms. Use AI summarizer to efficiently digest key findings and save important passages for deeper analysis.

  4. Foreign language learner improving comprehension: Utilize AI summarizer to get the gist of news articles or video transcripts in the target language. Highlight and export new vocabulary words and expressions for focused study. Access AI image reader for visual context and translation support.

  5. Travel enthusiast planning a trip: Search for travel blogs, destination guides, and reviews using AI search to tailor the experience to personal interests. Highlight and export recommendations for activities, restaurants, and hidden gems.

  6. Shopper seeking the best deals: Compare product reviews and pricing across multiple websites using AI search. Highlight key features and specifications for easy comparison. Get AI recommendations for similar products at better prices.

  7. Social media researcher analyzing trends: Leverage AI search to gather tweets, posts, and discussions on specific topics or events. Utilize AI analysis tools to identify sentiment, demographics, and key influencers. Highlight and export relevant data for further exploration.

  8. Musician seeking creative inspiration: Discover diverse music genres and artists through AI search, drawing inspiration from unexpected sources. Use AI summarizer to analyze music reviews and identify emerging trends.

  9. DIY enthusiast tackling a new project: Use AI search to find detailed instructions, tutorials, and expert advice. Highlight key steps and materials for reference. Utilize AI image reader to decipher diagrams and schematics.

  10. Environmental activist researching climate change: Access comprehensive reports, scientific studies, and policy discussions through AI search. Highlight and export critical data points and compelling statistics. Leverage AI word assistant to craft persuasive arguments and raise awareness.

Pros & Cons


  • Efficient Search: Finds relevant info from multiple sources

  • Smart Summarization: Quickly grasps key points of content

  • Personalized Recommendations: Discovers new content matching interests

  • Organized Highlighting: Saves and exports important passages

  • Content Assistant: Improves writing style and clarity

  • Multilingual Support: Assists foreign language comprehension

  • Time-Saving: Streamlines research and learning process

  • Accessible: Free Chrome extension and iOS app

  • Integrations: Works with productivity tools

  • Diverse Use Cases: Adapts to various needs


  • Limited Offline Access: Requires internet connection

  • Potential Bias: Reflects algorithms, not perfect neutrality

  • Privacy Concerns: Data collection and usage require trust

  • Learning Curve: May require familiarization with features

  • Paid Features: Some advanced features require subscriptions

  • Not a Replacement: Research and critical thinking still essential

  • Accuracy Dependence: Relies on quality of underlying sources

  • Ethical Considerations: Potential misuse of AI-generated content

  • Overreliance: Risk of neglecting in-depth information analysis

  • Accessibility Limitations: Not available on all platforms


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