Say hello to documents that respond to you



AskYourPDF is an AI powered tool that allows users to chat with their PDFs. It uses artificial intelligence to turn documents into interactive chatbots that can answer your questions and provide insights. You can upload PDFs, ask questions and get answers directly from your document.

Core Features

  1. Chat with any PDF via the Chrome Extension.

  2. Converse, Learn, Track - All on Your Terms.

  3. No more endless scrolling or skimming – just upload, ask and uncover insights directly from your document.

  4. You can effortlessly track and revisit all your conversations.

  5. Unleash the chat power in your documents! Turn them into friendly Chatbot's,ready to share knowledge and insights.

  6. Save Time.

  7. Your documents transform into interactive buddies, ready to help you understand and engage in an instant!

  8. Learn Playfully.

Use Cases

  1. Use AskYourPDF to turn a textbook into a chatbot that can answer your questions about the material.

  2. Use AskYourPDF to chat with a research paper and get insights into the study's findings.

  3. Use AskYourPDF to summarize a long document for you.

  4. Use AskYourPDF to translate a document into another language.

  5. Use AskYourPDF to create a multiple-choice quiz based on a document.

  6. Use AskYourPDF to turn a document into a presentation.

  7. Use AskYourPDF to collaborate with others on a document.

  8. Use AskYourPDF to get feedback on your writing.

  9. Use AskYourPDF to learn a new language.

  10. Use AskYourPDF to have fun and be creative with your documents.

Pros & Cons


  • Answer questions directly from documents

  • Turn documents into interactive chatbots

  • Free plan available

  • Paid plans offer unlimited chats and more


  • Relatively new product

  • Free plan limited to 100 pages per month

  • Paid plans can be expensive