Taskade is an AI-powered productivity tool that combines task management, note-taking, project management, and communication features. It boasts a variety of features to help users stay organized and on top of their work, including to-do lists, mind maps, kanban boards, and chat functionality. Users can also collaborate with others in real-time. Taskade integrates with popular calendar services like Google Calendar and Apple Mail.

Core Features

  • Task management: Create and manage to-do lists, set due dates, and add reminders. Break down complex projects into smaller tasks using subtasks.

  • Project management: Use Kanban boards, mind maps, and org charts to manage projects. Collaborate on projects with others in real-time.

  • AI-powered features: Get AI-powered task suggestions, AI-generated workflows, and use AI chat.

  • Collaboration: Share projects, chat with others, and video call with teammates.

  • Integrations: Integrate Taskade with popular apps like Google Calendar, Apple Mail, and Outlook.

Use Cases

  1. Remote Team Collaboration: Manage tasks, share documents, brainstorm ideas, and hold virtual meetings, all in one platform, keeping everyone connected and aligned.

  2. Content Marketing Team: Organize content calendars, assign writing tasks, track deadlines, and collaborate on drafts and revisions using Taskade's real-time editing features.

  3. Software Development Team: Utilize Kanban boards for visualizing workflows, manage bugs and feature requests, and track progress throughout the development lifecycle.

  4. Event Planning: Create detailed plans with checklists, assign tasks to team members, and track progress in real-time, ensuring a smoothly run event.

  5. Student Project Management: Collaborate on group projects, share research findings, take notes during discussions, and manage individual tasks and deadlines within the project.

  6. Personal Productivity: Break down personal goals into smaller actionable steps, set reminders and deadlines, and track progress using Taskade's to-do lists and mind maps.

  7. Freelance Work Management: Manage multiple client projects, track time spent on each task, collaborate with clients through shared notes and documents, and ensure timely project delivery.

  8. Brainstorming Session: Generate ideas using mind maps, discuss and refine them collaboratively, and convert them into actionable tasks within the same platform.

  9. Customer Support: Organize and manage customer inquiries, assign tickets to team members, track resolution progress, and maintain a collaborative knowledge base for efficient service.

  10. Meeting Management: Create agendas, take notes with action items, and assign tasks during meetings. Share notes and recordings with attendees for easy reference and follow-up.

Pros & Cons


  • Integrates with top calendar services

  • Allows you to share calendars and workspaces with your team

  • Has a free plan

  • Is cross-platform

  • Allows you to share to-do lists and calendars with anyone

  • Has a library of customizable templates

  • Allows you to export to-do lists, projects, mind maps, and kanban boards

  • Can be used as a to-do list app or a project management tool

  • Allows you to create subtasks and checklists

  • Supports all your favorite productivity methods


  • The free plan might have limitations on features.


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