AI Anywhere

AI Anywhere

Your ChatGPT AI Copilot for All Apps

AI Anywhere


AI Anywhere is an AI copilot that helps you with your tasks across different apps. It can be used with browsers, PDF readers, emails, messaging apps, Office apps, code editors, and more. It can help you with outlining, composing efficiently, and improving your writing. It also has a chat function that you can use to ask questions or have conversations.

Core Features

  1. Process text from any application

  2. Translate languages

  3. Summarize text

  4. Generate different creative text formats, like poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, email, letters, etc.

  5. Chat with a virtual assistant

  6. Customize your own prompts

Use Cases

  1. Compose Emails: Write persuasive and concise emails with prompts like "Draft a professional email requesting a meeting about project X."

  2. Craft Creative Content: Generate poems, scripts, musical pieces, or code snippets to jumpstart your creative process.

  3. Outline Documents: Easily create and refine outlines for essays, reports, or presentations based on existing content.

  4. Summarize Long Articles: Get the gist of lengthy articles or research papers quickly with AI-powered summaries.

  5. Brainstorm Ideas: Overcome writer's block by using AI to spark new ideas and explore different angles.

  6. Translate Languages: Break down language barriers and communicate effectively with multilingual translation support.

  7. Review and Improve Writing: Get feedback on grammar, style, and clarity to enhance your writing quality.

  8. Research Assistance: Ask questions and receive relevant information from various sources, streamlining your research process.

  9. Meeting Notes: Capture key points and action items from meetings with intelligent note-taking capabilities.

  10. Personalized Learning: Ask AI Anywhere specific questions about a topic and receive tailored explanations and learning resources.

  11. Social Media Content Creation: Craft engaging captions and posts for different platforms with AI's assistance.

  12. Data Analysis: Extract insights and trends from complex data sets through AI-powered analysis.

  13. Project Management: Manage tasks, deadlines, and resources more effectively with AI's organizational tools.

Pros & Cons


  • Can be used with a variety of apps

  • Helps with outlining, composing, and improving writing

  • Has a variety of features, including Quick Action, Personalized Copilot, and Chat

  • Free to use


  • Beta product

  • Requires accessibility permissions on Mac

  • Unclear privacy and security practices