AI-powered Chrome extension for Google Meet



Bluedot is an AI-powered Chrome extension that automates meeting notes. It uses a bot-free approach to record, transcribe, and summarize meetings with AI-generated notes. Additionally, it allows users to share meeting follow-ups to tools like Slack and Notion.

Core Features

  1. Record meetings

  2. Transcribe meetings

  3. Generate AI meeting notes

  4. Share meeting follow ups

  5. Edit video by editing text

Use Cases

  1. Generate meeting notes automatically and share them with your team.

  2. Record and transcribe your meetings for easy reference later.

  3. Use Bluedot's AI meeting templates to create custom notes for different types of meetings, such as customer calls or all-hands meetings.

  4. Edit your meeting notes by editing the text in the video recording.

  5. Search across all of your meetings to find specific information quickly.

  6. Share meeting highlights with your team to keep everyone on the same page.

  7. Reduce the number of meetings you need to attend by reviewing an hour-long meeting in just 5 minutes.

  8. Save time and money by using Google Meet and Bluedot instead of Zoom and Loom.

  9. Consolidate all of your videos in one place with Bluedot.

  10. Integrate Bluedot with your favorite tools, such as Slack, Notion, and Salesforce.

Pros & Cons


  • Saves time and money (by automating meeting notes and reducing meeting volumes)

  • Integrates with popular tools (like Slack, Notion, and Google Calendar)

  • Secure and private (with data encrypted and stored according to EU laws)

  • No need to grant calendar access or invite bots (for recording meetings)

  • Works with Google Meet and Zoom

  • GDPR compliant and SOC-2 Type-2 pending (meaning secure and reliable)

  • AI-powered meeting templates for different meeting types

  • Edit meeting notes by editing the text in the video recording

  • Search across all meetings to find specific information quickly

  • Consolidate all of your videos in one place


  • Does not support MS Teams

  • Requires consent to record meetings in some areas

  • May not be suitable for highly confidential meetings

  • Free plan has limited features

  • Some users may find the AI-generated notes to be inaccurate