Glasp is a web and PDF highlighter designed specifically for researchers and learners. It empowers users to highlight and preserve notes on any webpage they encounter. Additionally, Glasp facilitates copying and exporting highlights and notes, granting users flexibility in managing their collected information.

Furthermore, Glasp seamlessly integrates with note-taking applications such as Readwise, enabling users to effortlessly transfer their highlights into their preferred note-taking platform. This integration fosters a streamlined workflow, eliminating the need for manual data transfer between applications.

Glasp extends its functionality beyond highlighting and note-taking by incorporating a social element. Users have the ability to follow other users and gain insights into the content they are highlighting. This fosters a collaborative learning environment where individuals can discover new content and perspectives through the reading lists of others.

Overall, Glasp appears to be a valuable tool for researchers and learners seeking to streamline their web browsing and note-taking experiences. Its ability to highlight, annotate, and integrate with existing note-taking applications, coupled with its social features, positions Glasp as a comprehensive solution for managing and sharing online learning materials.

Core Features

  • Highlight and take notes on webpages and PDFs

  • Copy and export highlights and notes

  • Integrate with other note-taking apps, including Readwise

  • Share highlights and notes with others

  • See what others are highlighting

Use Cases

  1. Student Research: A student researching a topic can highlight key points and quotes from academic papers and articles, taking notes alongside them for deeper understanding and easy reference later.

  2. Content Curation: A marketer can use Glasp to curate interesting articles and social media posts from various sources, highlighting key takeaways and insights to build an organized library of inspiration.

  3. Learning a New Skill: While learning a new language or skill online, Glasp allows users to highlight important vocabulary, concepts, and step-by-step instructions, ensuring vital information is easily reviewed and retained.

  4. Book Club Discussion: Book club members can utilize Glasp to highlight key passages, plot points, and character motivations during individual reading, and then share and discuss their annotations during the meeting for a richer group experience.

  5. Exam Preparation: Students preparing for exams can use Glasp on their study materials like textbooks, lecture notes, and online resources, highlighting important concepts and formulas for efficient revision.

  6. Foreign Language Learning: Language learners can highlight unfamiliar vocabulary and phrases on websites and articles, adding notes to create personal flashcards for easy review and vocabulary building.

  7. Competitor Analysis: Businesses can employ Glasp to analyze competitor websites, highlighting their marketing strategies, product features, and customer reviews to gain valuable insights for their own strategies.

  8. Travel Planning: While researching travel destinations, users can utilize Glasp to highlight must-see attractions, recommended restaurants, and insider tips on websites and blogs, creating a personalized travel itinerary.

  9. Following Industry Experts: Professionals can follow thought leaders in their field on Glasp, gaining insights from the content they highlight and share, staying updated on industry trends and developments.

  10. Creating Online Tutorials: Educators can create online tutorials by highlighting key steps and explanations in software applications or coding tutorials, then sharing their annotated screenshots with students for a more interactive learning experience.

Pros & Cons


  • Highlight and annotate webpages and PDFs

  • Organize and export highlights and notes

  • Integrate with other note-taking apps

  • Share highlights and notes with others

  • Discover new content through following others' highlights


  • May require a paid subscription for full features

  • Limited editing capabilities for notes

  • Reliant on internet connection for some features

  • Potentially distracting social features for some users

  • Privacy concerns when sharing highlights publicly


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