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Krisp is an AI-powered assistant that helps you with meetings and calls. It uses noise cancellation to remove background noise from your microphone and speaker. It can also transcribe meetings, take notes, and summarize meetings.

Core Features

  1. AI Noise Cancellation: Krisp removes background noises from your microphone and speaker, ensuring distraction-free calls.

  2. AI Voice Clarity: Krisp eliminates background voices of other people talking in the same room and keeps only your voice in the call.

  3. Echo Cancellation: Krisp eliminates echoes bouncing off of the walls and those resulting from your own voice or a sensitive mic.

  4. Accent Localization: Krisp utilizes real-time inflection changes to help customers understand agents better by dynamically changing agents' accents into the customer's natively understood accent.

  5. Meeting Transcription: Krisp automatically transcribes meetings, which can be easily shared with colleagues.

  6. Meeting Notes: Krisp creates AI-powered meeting notes and summaries that are easily sharable.

  7. Meeting Audio Recording: Krisp allows you to record meeting audio across all communication apps and seamlessly share it with colleagues.

Use Cases

  1. Remote Worker: Working from a coffee shop or co-working space with ambient noise? Krisp can remove distracting background chatter, ensuring your voice is crystal clear during calls.

  2. Busy Home Office: Kids playing in the background? Krisp can help eliminate unwanted sounds from your microphone, preventing distractions for colleagues and clients.

  3. Freelancer on the Go: Taking a call while traveling can be challenging with background noise. Krisp can ensure you're heard clearly on calls, even from noisy airports or train stations.

  4. Online Teacher: Having clear communication with students is crucial. Krisp can filter out background sounds like barking dogs or traffic, allowing students to focus on your lessons.

  5. Gamer: Eliminate keyboard clicks and background noise from your microphone, ensuring clear communication with teammates during online gaming sessions.

  6. Musician or Podcaster: Recording high-quality audio at home can be tricky with surrounding noise. Krisp can remove unwanted sounds, creating a cleaner and more professional recording environment.

  7. Language Learner: Participating in online language exchanges or lessons? Krisp can help remove background noise, allowing you to focus on the conversation and improve your listening skills.

  8. Customer Service Representative: Taking calls in a busy call center environment? Krisp can filter out background noise from both your microphone and callers' lines, making it easier to understand each other.

  9. Journalist or Interviewer: Conducting interviews in noisy locations? Krisp can ensure clean audio recordings by removing background noise, capturing the interviewer and interviewee's voices clearly.

  10. Video Conferencing: Hosting or attending large online conferences? Krisp can minimize background noise from multiple participants, creating a more professional and focused online meeting experience.

Pros & Cons


  • Crystal Clear Audio: Eliminate distracting background noise for both you and others.

  • Improved Focus: Enhance concentration by minimizing distractions during meetings and calls.

  • Increased Productivity: Less noise means less disruption, allowing you to work more efficiently.

  • Professional Image: Project a polished and professional image with clear audio quality.

  • Versatility: Works across various platforms and applications, including Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

  • Cost-Effective: Offers a free tier with limited functionality, and paid plans are affordable for most users.

  • Meeting Features: Transcribe meetings, generate summaries, and record audio for easy reference.

  • Privacy-Focused: Krisp doesn't store your audio data, ensuring privacy and security.

  • AI-Powered: Continuously learns and improves to offer the best possible noise cancellation experience.

  • Easy to Use: Simple and intuitive interface makes it user-friendly for everyone.


  • Limited Free Version: The free tier has limited noise cancellation minutes per day.

  • Internet Dependence: Requires a stable internet connection for optimal performance.

  • Potential Audio Distortion: In rare cases, aggressive noise cancellation may slightly distort your voice.

  • Not Perfect: Can struggle with certain types of background noise, like music or loud conversations.

  • Privacy Concerns: Some may be hesitant about allowing an app access to their microphone.

  • Potential System Resource Drain: May use slightly more processing power, which could impact older computers.

  • Limited Platform Support: While compatible with many platforms, some niche applications might not be supported.

  • Subscription Required: For advanced features like meeting transcription and unlimited noise cancellation, a paid subscription is necessary.

  • No Hardware Integration: Doesn't work directly with dedicated noise-canceling headsets.

  • Not a Replacement: Not a substitute for professional soundproofing solutions in noisy environments.


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