WriteText.ai is an AI-driven product description generator specifically designed for Magento.

This extension seamlessly creates meta titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, short descriptions, Open Graph texts, and image alt texts directly within your Magento backend.

WriteText.ai offers two operational modes: 'WriteText.ai Single' and 'WriteText.ai Bulk'. The former allows fine-tuning of all settings for a specific product before generating the text, while the latter generates text for multiple products simultaneously without human intervention.

This extension supports connections to an unlimited number of ecommerce sites and the creation of multiple user accounts at no additional cost.

To cater to a global audience, Version 1.2 supports multiple languages, including Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, and Italian. This feature allows businesses to auto-generate content in their Magento site's language, broadening their market reach and enhancing customer engagement worldwide. WriteText.ai automatically adjusts its output based on your site's language. If a language isn't available, it defaults to English. Interface translation is currently in progress.


Disclaimer: WriteText.ai is an independent tool designed to work with Magento. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by Magento.

Core Features

  1. Unlimited support for ecommerce sites and user profiles.

  2. Seamless content transfer and publishing to Magento platforms.

  3. Customizable settings for product attributes, tone, and writing style.

  4. Adjustable parameters for content length, target audiences, and user roles.

  5. Enhanced text generation through advanced image analysis, improving accuracy and engagement by examining product visuals.

  6. AI-generated recommendations for targeting specific markets.

  7. Comprehensive keyword analysis including semantic keyword suggestions.

  8. Monitoring keyword density to optimize SEO.

  9. Sophisticated text rewriting tools.

  10. Reference feature to ensure consistency in tone, style, and layout across product descriptions.

  11. Capability to track content review history and manage content in bulk.

  12. Support for multiple stores.

  13. Chrome extension to facilitate content management and allow product tagging for verification and editing purposes.

Use Cases

  1. WriteText.ai Single: This mode allows users to define the tone, style, and target market for a specific product, conduct detailed keyword analysis, and select semantic keywords along with specific product attributes to be included in the generated text. WriteText.ai generates customized text in approximately 50 seconds, after which users can review and adjust the text before publication. This mode focuses on creating tailored content to meet specific audience needs, with an emphasis on SEO.

  2. WriteText.ai Bulk: For generating text for multiple products at once, WriteText.ai Bulk enables the selection of multiple products with a consistent tone, style, and attributes across all selected products. This mode is optimized for speed and efficiency, streamlining the content creation process for large-scale requirements.

Pros & Cons


  • Saves time and resources

  • Boosts content quality and engagement

  • Improves SEO ranking

  • Increases conversion rates

  • Ensures content consistency

  • Supports multiple languages

  • Offers bulk content generation

  • Integrates seamlessly with Magento

  • Provides advanced image analysis

  • AI-powered recommendations


  • May require initial setup time

  • Content quality depends on input data

  • Not a complete replacement for human copywriting