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Eightify is an AI tool that can summarize YouTube videos. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically find the key points in videos and generate summaries. This can be helpful for people who want to quickly understand the main points of a video without having to watch the entire thing. Eightify can also summarize podcasts and news videos found on YouTube, making it a versatile tool for consuming different types of video content.

Eightify can summarize videos in many languages. This means that people who do not speak the language of a video can still use Eightify to understand the main points. This can be a great tool for learning about new topics or staying up-to-date on current events from around the world.

Core Features

  1. Summarizes YouTube videos in seconds.

  2. Extracts key points and main ideas from videos.

  3. Provides summaries with timestamps to easily navigate through videos.

  4. Offers translations of summaries in over 40 languages.

  5. Saves time by allowing users to skim videos to see if they are worth watching.

  6. Creates shareable summaries with friends and colleagues.

  7. Works with podcasts and news segments found on YouTube.

Use Cases

  1. Students: Struggling to grasp a complex concept in a science lecture video? Eightify can summarize the key points, allowing you to revisit and focus on specific areas during revision.

  2. Busy Professionals: Need to stay updated on industry trends but overwhelmed by video content? Eightify lets you quickly scan summaries of relevant presentations and webinars to identify the most important insights.

  3. Foreign Language Learners: Want to improve your listening skills and comprehension in another language? Use Eightify to get the gist of a foreign language video and use the transcript to follow along.

  4. Podcast Enthusiasts: With a backlog of podcasts to listen to, Eightify can help you decide which ones are worth your time. Get a quick overview of the podcast's main points before diving in.

  5. News Junkies: Overloaded by news reports? Eightify can summarize breaking news videos, allowing you to stay informed without getting bogged down in lengthy footage.

  6. Researchers: Sifting through a mountain of video data for your research project? Use Eightify to quickly identify relevant videos and summarize their key points to save you valuable time.

  7. Visually Impaired Users: Eightify can be a valuable tool for visually impaired users who may struggle to access video content. The summaries provide an alternative way to understand the content of videos.

  8. Meeting Remakes: Struggling to remember the key takeaways from a long meeting? Use Eightify to summarize a recording of the meeting, capturing the important decisions and action items.

  9. Second-Language Learners: Want to expose yourself to different accents and speaking styles? Watch a video in your target language and use Eightify to grasp the main ideas, then rewatch specific sections to improve your listening comprehension.

  10. Exam Preparation: Facing an exam with video-based learning materials? Eightify can help you revise more efficiently by summarizing key concepts and allowing you to focus on areas that need more attention.

Pros & Cons


  • Saves time by summarizing videos

  • Helps you decide if a video is worth watching

  • Easy to understand summaries

  • Summaries include timestamps which makes it easy to find specific topics

  • Can summarize videos in over 40 languages

  • Can summarize lengthy videos

  • Works with podcasts and news segments found on YouTube


  • Requires captions to work

  • Only summarizes YouTube videos

  • May not be perfect (e.g., might miss some information)


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