TubeOnAI: Quick summaries and transcriptions of your favorite videos, podcasts, articles, and web pages.



TubeOnAI is an innovative AI summarizer tool that offers cutting-edge transcription and summarization services for YouTube videos, podcasts, articles, and web pages. Our AI-driven platform quickly converts long audio and video content into manageable, written summaries, helping users save time and enhance their understanding of complex topics. Ideal for students, professionals, and anyone looking to efficiently absorb information. Its Custom Prompt feature allows users to customize summaries and create blog articles, social media posts, email newsletters, podcast scripts, and much more. The Podcast Summary feature extracts key insights from lengthy podcasts in minutes, ensuring users stay updated without investing significant time. Then, the YouTube Summary feature transforms lengthy videos into bite-sized chunks, saving users time while retaining essential information. More importantly, TubeOnAI enables users to listen to valuable insights on the go. Also, with Multilingual Support, the tool ensures accessibility for users worldwide. With an intuitive interface, users can subscribe to their favorite channels and get updates with ease. Not to mention, TubeOnAI is available for web, android, and iOS, so that users can have a seamless content consumption experience.

Whether you’re aiming to save time, learn more efficiently, or stay informed, TubeOnAI is your ideal companion. TubeOnAI provides the key points of a lengthy video in bullet points that are easy to understand. Also, it gives definitions for all the important keywords for your better understanding. Learn smarter with features like AI summaries, multilingual support, curated notifications, and subscription management.

Core Features

  1. Content Summarization: Quickly summarizes lengthy podcasts, YouTube videos, and articles, handling content up to four hours long.

  2. Custom Prompt Repurposing: Allows users to create custom prompts to easily repurpose summarized content according to their needs.

  3. High-Speed Summaries: Provides accurate text and audio summaries almost instantly.

  4. Natural Audio Playback: Offers a natural audio playback option for listening to generated summaries.

  5. Notifications: Users can receive instant or scheduled notifications to stay updated on new content.

  6. Subscription Management: Easy management tools for subscriptions, including automatic summaries for subscribed channels.

  7. Multi-Platform Availability: The platform is accessible via Android, iOS, and web browsers.

  8. Multi-Language Support: Available in 22 different languages, enhancing accessibility for a global user base.

Use Cases

  1. Students looking for a more efficient way to study

  2. Content Creators to generate new content and stay ahead of competitors

  3. Researchers and academics quickly sift through relevant video and podcast content

  4. Business owners to keep up with industry trends and news

  5. Individuals who want to stay updated on the latest news, technology trends, or any other area of interest

  6. Learning and Development professionals to identify and summarize key content for training - purposes

  7. Technology Execs looking to keep up with the latest news and information on Artificial Intelligence

  8. Traders and investors can get summarized views of financial advice, market analysis, and investment strategies

  9. Patients and health enthusiasts can stay informed about the latest research, treatments, and advice

  10. Accessibility users consuming information through AI-generated audio summaries

  11. Users who have limited time but want to consume entertainment content

Pros & Cons


  • Saves time and boosts productivity

  • Summarizes various content

  • Offers summaries in text and audio format

  • Creates summaries in 30 seconds

  • Allows customization of summaries

  • Provides summaries on mobile devices

  • Offers instant summaries or scheduling

  • Integrates with Youtube and Podcast channels

  • Provides curated summaries and trending topics

  • Easy to use interface


  • Limited creativity: Summaries may lack the creativity or originality of the original content.

  • Dependence on technology: TubeOnAI relies on internet connectivity and functioning AI models to work.


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