Fotor is a free online photo editing tool and app that offers a wide range of features for both basic and advanced photo editing. Whether you're a casual user looking to make quick edits to your photos or a more experienced photographer looking for more creative control, Fotor has something to offer you.

One of the things that sets Fotor apart from other online photo editors is its AI-powered features. These features use artificial intelligence to automatically improve your photos, remove unwanted objects, and change the background. For example, the AI Photo Enhancer can help you adjust the lighting and color of your photos, while the AI Background Remover can remove the background from your photos so you can add a new one.

In addition to its AI-powered features, Fotor also has a number of creative tools that you can use to add text, stickers, and other effects to your photos. You can also use Fotor to create collages and generate AI art.

Fotor is available for free online and on mobile devices, so you can edit your photos wherever you are. It's a great option for anyone who wants to edit their photos without having to spend a lot of money or time learning how to use a complex photo editing software.

Core Features

  1. Edit photos: Crop, resize, flip, and adjust basic settings like brightness, contrast, and saturation.

  2. Add creative effects: Apply filters, overlays, text, stickers, and more.

  3. Create collages: Combine multiple photos into a single image.

  4. Use AI-powered features: Enhance photos, remove backgrounds, change backgrounds, and more using artificial intelligence.

  5. Design graphics: Create social media posts, flyers, posters, business cards, and more.

Use Cases

  1. Replace the background of an image to create a new scene (e.g., change a beach background to a city skyline)

  2. Remove unwanted objects from a photo (e.g., remove a photobomber or a power line)

  3. Enhance the quality of a blurry photo

  4. Change the hair color of a person in a photo

  5. Add text to a photo

  6. Create a photo collage

  7. Resize or crop a photo

  8. Adjust the lighting or color of a photo

  9. Apply a photo effect to a photo (e.g., black and white, vintage, sepia)

  10. Generate a completely new image using AI (e.g., a portrait of a person who does not exist)

Pros & Cons


  • Free to use with basic features

  • AI-powered editing features like background removal and photo enhancement

  • Easy to use interface

  • Wide range of creative tools

  • Available on both desktop and mobile


  • Limited features in the free version

  • Some features require a pro subscription

  • Can be slow at times, especially with large photos

  • No layer editing

  • Limited storage space in the free version


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