A short video ad generation tool



Creatify is an AI tool designed to streamline the advertising production process. Users simply need to input the product link or upload product images and descriptions, and within minutes, they can easily obtain high-quality short video ads generated by artificial intelligence. Its features include video generation from URLs, AI voice narration, video script writing, realistic sound and avatars, AI product analysis, and comprehensive video editing capabilities. Creatify is dedicated to helping businesses overcome limitations in time, resources, or professional video production knowledge. Furthermore, Creatify can assist businesses in testing various ad performances, finding the ads most suitable for their audience, and significantly improving return on investment.

Core Features

  • URL to video

  • AI Avatar

  • AI Script writer

  • Text to speech

  • Custom Avatar

  • Batch Mode

Use Cases

  • E-commerce

  • Small businesses

  • Marketing agencies

Pros & Cons


  • Fast & Easy Video Creation: Generate ads with a single click, saving time and resources.

  • Unlimited Ad Variations: A/B test different versions to find the best performing ad.

  • AI-powered Scriptwriting: Get help crafting compelling scripts for your video ads.

  • Rich Customization Options: Personalize videos with voiceovers, avatars, and editing tools.

  • Large Stock Footage Library: Access millions of high-quality video clips for your ads.

  • Seamless Social Media Integration: Publish directly to major platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Create professional video ads without a large production budget.

  • Improved Conversion Rates: Test & refine your ads for better audience engagement.

  • Scalability for Businesses: Generate multiple ad variations for various campaigns.

  • Simplified Content Creation: Produce engaging videos for educational purposes.


  • Limited Control over Script & Style: AI generation might not always match your vision.

  • Potential for Generic Video Templates: Overuse could lead to repetitive ad styles.

  • Copyright Issues with Stock Footage: Double-check licensing for any paid plans.

  • Learning Curve for New Users: Exploring features and editing tools might take some time.

  • Focus on Short-Form Ads: May not be suitable for creating longer marketing videos.

  • Reliance on Internet Connectivity: Offline functionality might be limited.

  • Subscription Costs: Free plan has limitations, paid plans can add up.

  • Potential for Inaccurate Information: Ensure AI-generated scripts are factually correct.

  • Overdependence on AI Creativity: Don't lose sight of your unique brand voice.

  • Ethical Considerations of AI-Generated Content: Transparency about using AI is crucial.


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