Topaz Labs, a company that develops AI-powered image and video enhancement software designed for professional photographers and videographers. Their software uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of images and videos in a variety of ways, including sharpening images, removing noise, increasing resolution, upscaling videos, and more.

One of the company's most popular products is Topaz Photo AI, which can be used to sharpen images, remove noise, and increase resolution. Topaz Photo AI uses a generative AI process that is specifically designed for high-resolution and natural output. The software is trained on millions of images, and it uses this training to identify and correct flaws in images.

Topaz Labs also offers a number of other products, including Topaz Video AI, which can be used to upscale videos, deinterlace videos, and interpolate frames. The company also offers a variety of free trials and resources on its website.

Core Features

  1. AI-powered image and video enhancement

  2. Upscale images

  3. Sharpen images

  4. Remove noise

  5. Deinterlace videos

  6. Increase resolution of photos

  7. Upscale videos

  8. Interpolate frames in videos

  9. Recover details and clarity in faces in photos

Use Cases

  1. Sharpen blurry photos taken in low light

  2. Remove noise from grainy photos

  3. Increase the resolution of photos for printing or digital display

  4. Upscale old video games to look like new

  5. Deinterlace video to remove combing artifacts

  6. Interpolate frames in video to create smoother slow-motion footage

  7. Recover details in faces that have been blurred or damaged

  8. Clean up RAW files from digital cameras

  9. Make post-processing workflows easier and faster

  10. Edit photos and videos with professional-quality results

Pros & Cons


  • Upscale images and videos without quality loss (up to 600%)

  • Remove noise from images and videos

  • Sharpen images and videos

  • Deinterlace videos

  • Interpolate frames in videos


  • Can be expensive

  • Free trial is limited