Turn Any Reading Into Audio



Speechify is a text-to-speech AI that allows users to listen to any text, article, PDF, email, or website. It can be used on a variety of devices, including computers, phones, and tablets. Speechify offers a variety of features, including different voices and accents, the ability to speed up or slow down the narration, and the ability to download audio files. Speechify is also integrated with a number of other apps and services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote.

Core Features

  1. Listen to text from any source, including PDFs, articles, emails, and books.

  2. Choose from a variety of natural-sounding voices, including male and female voices in different languages and accents.

  3. Control the speed of the narration.

  4. Highlight the text as it is being read.

  5. Convert text to audio files.

Use Cases

  1. Accessibility for visually impaired or dyslexic individuals: Listen to textbooks, articles, and other written materials without straining your eyes.

  2. Multitasking and learning on the go: Listen to news, podcasts, or audiobooks while exercising, commuting, or doing chores.

  3. Language learning: Improve pronunciation and comprehension by listening to native speakers read aloud.

  4. Content creation: Generate voiceovers for presentations, YouTube videos, or explainer animations.

  5. Proofreading and editing: Listen to your writing aloud to catch typos and improve clarity.

  6. Real-time translation: Use the on-the-fly translation feature to understand foreign language websites or documents.

  7. Educational tool for children: Engage kids in learning with narrated stories, books, and educational materials.

  8. Relaxation and bedtime stories: Wind down with soothing voices reading aloud calming narratives or bedtime stories.

  9. Accessibility for seniors: Make reading easier and more enjoyable for those with age-related vision issues.

  10. Creating presentations with AI voices: Avoid monotonous presentations by using diverse AI voices to engage your audience.

Pros & Cons


  • Multi-source text conversion: PDFs, articles, emails, books - listen to anything.

  • Natural-sounding voices: Diverse languages, accents, and male/female options.

  • Adjustable speed control: Tailor listening pace to your preference.

  • Text highlighting in sync: Track along visually as content is read.

  • Offline audio download: Listen on the go without internet access.

  • Cross-device compatibility: Use on computers, phones, and tablets.

  • Integration with other apps: Streamlines workflow with tools you use.

  • Accessibility benefits: Helps visually impaired and dyslexic individuals.

  • Multitasking and learning aid: Listen while doing other activities.

  • Content creation potential: Generate voiceovers for various projects.

  • Proofreading and editing tool: Catch errors by listening to your writing.

  • On-the-fly translation feature: Understand foreign language content.

  • Engaging educational tool: Makes learning interactive and fun for kids.

  • Relaxation and bedtime aid: Soothe with calming narrated stories.

  • Accessibility for seniors: Makes reading easier with age-related vision issues.

  • Presentation enhancement: Use diverse AI voices to capture audience attention.


  • Subscription-based service: Can be costly for some users.

  • Limited offline storage: May require internet access for extensive listening.

  • AI voices lack human nuance: May sound robotic compared to real narrators.

  • Data privacy concerns: User data and audio recordings raise privacy questions.

  • Potential for misuse: Could be used for plagiarism or generating misleading content.

  • Accessibility limitations: May not be fully accessible for all disabilities.

  • Integration issues: Might not work seamlessly with all apps and services.

  • Technical glitches: Potential for bugs and technical issues affecting performance.

  • Limited language support: Some languages and accents may be unavailable.

  • Customer service concerns: Reviews mention mixed experiences with support.