AI Powered Resume Creator



MajorGen is an AI-powered resume and cover letter generator is a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to create resumes and cover letters for job seekers. MajorGen is an example of such a tool.

AI-powered resume and cover letter generators can be helpful for job seekers by analyzing their skills and experience and generating documents that emphasize the most relevant qualifications for the specific position they are applying for. This is achieved through identifying key phrases and skills from job descriptions.

MajorGen provides several methods to create a resume using its AI technology, including uploading an old resume, entering basic information, or pasting a LinkedIn profile URL. After a resume is created, it can be previewed and downloaded as a PDF or Word document.

Core Features

  1. AI-powered resume and cover letter generation: MajorGen utilizes artificial intelligence to create resumes and cover letters specific to the job you are applying for.

  2. Multiple resume creation methods: It offers various ways to create a resume, including uploading an old resume, entering basic information about yourself, or using your LinkedIn profile.

  3. Tailored resumes: MajorGen's AI analyzes job descriptions to identify key skills and qualifications relevant to the position. This ensures your resume highlights the most relevant aspects of your experience for the specific job you're applying for.

  4. Resume preview and download: You can preview and edit your resume before finalizing it and downloading it as a PDF or Word document.

Use Cases

  1. Recent Graduate: You're a fresh graduate with limited work experience but a strong academic background and relevant projects. MajorGen can help build your resume by analyzing internship or project descriptions to highlight transferable skills sought after by employers.

  2. Career Change: You're transitioning to a new field and need a resume that showcases relevant transferable skills from your previous experience. MajorGen can analyze your existing resume and identify skills applicable to your desired new career path.

  3. Time Crunch: You have a tight deadline for a job application and need a compelling resume fast. MajorGen can quickly generate a draft resume based on your information, saving you valuable time.

  4. Targeted Applications: You're applying for multiple positions, each requiring slightly different skillsets. MajorGen allows you to tailor your resume for each job by analyzing specific job descriptions and emphasizing relevant skills.

  5. Writer's Block: You struggle to articulate your accomplishments on paper. MajorGen can suggest strong action verbs and achievement-oriented language to showcase your value on your resume.

  6. Formatting Help: You're unsure about resume formatting best practices. MajorGen creates professional-looking resumes with consistent formatting, ensuring a clean and polished presentation.

  7. Cover Letter Assistance: Need help crafting a compelling cover letter? MajorGen can generate a cover letter that complements your resume, highlighting specific skills and experiences related to the target job.

  8. Confidence Boost: Unsure if your resume is strong enough? MajorGen can give you a starting point and help you build a resume you feel confident presenting to potential employers.

  9. Second Opinion: You want someone to review your resume but don't have access to professional resume writing services. MajorGen's AI can offer an objective analysis and suggest areas for improvement.

  10. Resume Refresh: Haven't updated your resume in a while? MajorGen can help revamp your existing resume by identifying outdated information and highlighting recent achievements or acquired skills.

Pros & Cons


  • Faster resume creation: Saves time by generating draft resumes.

  • Targeted applications: Creates resumes tailored to specific jobs.

  • Multiple creation methods: Offers flexibility in building your resume.

  • Stronger language: Suggests action verbs and achievement-oriented phrasing.

  • Professional formatting: Ensures a clean and polished presentation.

  • Cover letter help: Generates cover letters aligned with your resume.

  • Confidence boost: Provides a solid starting point for your application.

  • Second opinion: Offers an objective analysis of your skills and experience.

  • Resume refresh: Helps update outdated information and highlight new skills.

  • Accessible tool: May be more affordable than professional resume writing services.


  • Limited personalization: Initial draft might require significant editing.

  • Accuracy not guaranteed: You're responsible for ensuring information is accurate.

  • Over-reliance on AI: Doesn't replace your own writing and tailoring.

  • No guarantee of interview: Strong applications still depend on competition.

  • Subscription cost? Pricing structure might not be readily available.

  • Limited creativity: May not showcase your unique voice and personality.

  • Ethical considerations: Ensure no plagiarism occurs in generated content.

  • Overly generic language: AI suggestions might need human refinement.

  • Potential for bias: AI could perpetuate biases in your resume.

  • Security concerns: Data privacy practices of the service need to be considered.