Revenue AI assistant that uncovers the 'why' behind your data.



Since ChatGPT came out I got so tired by copy and pasting my database schema to get the SQL query I can use to extract insights that I decided to build a tool that will do this for me.

Datalynx can answer business questions about your sales & operations in seconds. It can automatically write and execute SQL queries for you.

Here's what you get:

  1. Integration takes 5 minutes.

  2. SOC-2 compliant. The model uses only your database tables and columns.

  3. Datalynx explains you the SQL query in english so you can validate the responses.

  4. You can build charts in 1 click.

  5. You can ask follow ups and strategize with AI about your insights.

Core Features

  1. Automatic SQL Generation: Datalynx translates your questions into efficient SQL queries.

  2. Advanced Data Analysis: Uncover hidden patterns and trends in your data.

  3. Seamless Data Integration: Connect up to 3 databases with ease.

  4. Interactive Data Visualization: Datalynx creates clear charts and graphs to present your insights.

  5. Customizable Insights: Add descriptions and context to tailor Datalynx to your business.

Use Cases

  1. Sales & Marketing: Analyze campaign effectiveness, identify customer segments, and optimize lead generation.

  2. Finance: Understand revenue fluctuations, pinpoint financial anomalies, and improve budget forecasting.

  3. Operations: Identify product performance issues, optimize processes, and track resource allocation.

  4. Customer Service: Gain insights from customer feedback, improve support efficiency, and personalize interactions.

  5. Human Resources: Analyze employee data, identify talent gaps, and optimize workforce management.

  6. Product Development: Analyze user behavior, prioritize features, and ensure product-market fit.

  7. Market Research: Uncover industry trends, identify new market opportunities, and optimize pricing strategies.

  8. Risk Management: Analyze risk factors, predict potential issues, and make proactive decisions.

  9. Competitive Analysis: Benchmark your performance against competitors and identify areas for improvement.

  10. Inventory Management: Optimize stock levels, reduce costs, and improve delivery times.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use, no coding required.

  • Ask questions in plain English.

  • Fast insights in minutes.

  • Secure data connections.

  • Integrates with multiple databases.

  • Creates clear data visualizations.

  • Customizable for your business.

  • Improves decision-making.

  • Boosts efficiency and productivity.

  • Uncovers hidden data patterns.


  • Paid subscription model (Freemium potential mentioned in FAQs).

  • May require training for complex queries.

  • Limited to data sources you can connect.

  • Relies on the quality of your data.

  • May not be suitable for highly technical analysis.


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