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Unspam Email

Email Spam Checker & Deliverability Test

Unspam Email


Unspam Email is a company that offers a variety of email marketing tools including an email spam checker, deliverability tester, heatmap tool, and inbox placement tool. Their goal is to ensure that your emails land in the inbox, not spam. Their services can be used to improve the effectiveness of your email communication.

Unspam Email offers a suite of products that can help businesses improve their email marketing efforts. Their email spam checker can help businesses identify and remove spam from their email lists, while their deliverability tester can help businesses ensure that their emails are being delivered to their intended recipients. Their heatmap tool can help businesses track how recipients interact with their emails, and their inbox placement tool can help businesses improve the chances of their emails landing in the inbox rather than the spam folder.

Core Features

  1. Email Spam Checker

  2. Deliverability Test

  3. Inbox Placement

  4. Email Preview

  5. Heat Map Generator

Use Cases

  1. Marketing Agency: Use the email spam checker to ensure campaigns for clients land in inboxes, not spam folders. Analyze deliverability tests to identify problematic email servers and improve overall campaign effectiveness.

  2. E-commerce Company: Leverage the inbox placement tool to optimize email marketing for promotions and product launches, maximizing reach and customer engagement.

  3. Non-profit Organization: Employ the email preview tool to visualize how fundraising and volunteer recruitment emails appear across different devices, ensuring consistent messaging and user experience.

  4. Freelance Graphic Designer: Utilize the heat map generator to analyze how potential clients interact with your portfolio and contact information emails, allowing you to refine your design choices and calls to action for better engagement.

  5. Educational Institution: Implement the email spam checker for student and faculty communication to avoid important announcements or notifications landing in spam folders.

  6. Political Campaign: Employ the deliverability test to optimize email outreach efforts to voters across different demographics and email providers, ensuring critical campaign information reaches potential supporters.

  7. Software Development Company: Utilize the email preview tool to ensure consistent and clear communication when sending product updates, bug fixes, and new feature announcements to customers.

  8. Event Organizer: Employ the inbox placement tool to maximize registration and ticket sales by ensuring event invitations land in the inboxes of potential attendees.

  9. Financial Advisor: Leverage the heat map generator to understand how clients interact with financial reports and investment information sent via email, optimizing the format and presentation for better client comprehension.

  10. Customer Service Team: Utilize the email spam checker to ensure timely and efficient communication with customers by avoiding emails getting flagged as spam.

Pros & Cons


  1. Reduce spam: Improve email deliverability and avoid the spam folder.

  2. Boost engagement: Increase email opens and clicks with optimized content.

  3. Target audience: Send targeted emails with inbox placement tools.

  4. Track performance: Analyze email performance with heatmaps and insights.

  5. Enhance brand image: Maintain professional communication across devices.

  6. Save time: Automate email spam checks and testing processes.

  7. Increase revenue: Improve email marketing ROI with higher open rates.

  8. Build trust: Avoid frustrating subscribers with unwanted spam emails.

  9. Comply with regulations: Maintain email hygiene and avoid spam complaints.


  1. Cost: May not be suitable for all budgets, especially for small businesses.

  2. Learning curve: Understanding features and data may require training.

  3. Integration complexity: Integration with existing email marketing platforms might require technical expertise.

  4. Limited control: Unspam can't guarantee perfect deliverability as it depends on other factors (e.g., email content).

  5. Reliance on third-party: Data security and privacy considerations exist when using external services.

  6. Potential for false positives: Spam checker might incorrectly flag legitimate emails.

  7. Focus on marketing emails: Primarily benefits businesses utilizing email marketing campaigns, less applicable to individual email users.

  8. Limited customization: Customization options for reports and heatmaps might be restricted compared to advanced marketing tools.

  9. Over-optimization: Excessive focus on metrics might detract from creating genuine and personalized email content.

  10. Ethical considerations: Sending too many emails even with high deliverability can still be perceived as spammy by the recipient.


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