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SlidesAI is an AI-powered tool that can be used with Google Slides to help users create presentations in seconds. Users can simply input their text, and SlidesAI will automatically generate a presentation with relevant design elements, including images and icons. SlidesAI also offers a variety of features to help users customize their presentations, such as the ability to choose from different color and font presets. Additionally, SlidesAI can generate citations for slide content and search for relevant icons, making it a valuable tool for students, educators, and professionals alike.

Overall, SlidesAI is a user-friendly and time-saving tool that can help users create professional-looking presentations. With its ability to automatically generate slides, search for relevant images and icons, and generate citations, SlidesAI can be a valuable asset for anyone who needs to create presentations on a regular basis.

Core Features

  1. Text to Presentation: Simply paste your text into SlidesAI and it will automatically create a presentation for you.

  2. Topic to Presentation (Private Beta): Just provide your topic and SlidesAI will create a presentation for you.

  3. AI-powered content creation: This includes generating subtitles, summarizing slide content, and paraphrasing sentences.

  4. Search and customize hundreds of icons and 1.5 million premium stock images.

Use Cases

  1. Business Pitch: Craft a persuasive and impactful pitch deck by inputting your business idea and key talking points. SlidesAI will generate slides with visuals and summaries, saving you time and effort.

  2. Educational Lecture: Develop engaging presentations for students by providing your lecture text. SlidesAI will create visually appealing slides with key points and relevant images, enhancing learning.

  3. Sales Presentation: Tailor presentations to specific clients by outlining your product/service and target audience. SlidesAI will generate customized slides highlighting benefits and addressing pain points.

  4. Data-Driven Report: Transform complex data into an easily digestible presentation. Upload your data and key findings, and SlidesAI will create visually compelling slides with charts and graphs.

  5. Research Presentation: Share your research findings clearly and concisely. Input your research paper or summary, and SlidesAI will generate slides with visuals, citations, and key takeaways.

  6. Product Training: Design interactive training materials for new employees or customers. Describe product features and functionalities, and SlidesAI will create step-by-step slides with visuals and instructions.

  7. Marketing Campaign: Captivate your audience with visually stunning campaign presentations. Outline your campaign goals and target audience, and SlidesAI will generate slides with key messaging, visuals, and social media integration tips.

  8. Grant Proposal: Secure funding by presenting your proposal effectively. Input your project description, goals, and budget, and SlidesAI will create persuasive slides with clear visuals and data-driven arguments.

  9. Team Meeting Agenda: Prepare a collaborative and engaging agenda for your team meeting. Provide meeting topics and discussion points, and SlidesAI will generate a dynamic slide deck with visual cues and action items.

  10. Social Media Presentation: Create captivating presentations for social media platforms like LinkedIn or YouTube. Input your desired topic and target audience, and SlidesAI will generate visually engaging slides with trending hashtags and call-to-actions.

Pros & Cons


  • Saves time and effort

  • Creates professional-looking presentations

  • Easy to use

  • Free to use for basic features


  • Only works with Google Slides

  • Limited number of presentations per month for free users

  • Some features require paid plans


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