Epic Selfie

Epic Selfie

Selfies so Epic they will break the like button

Epic Selfie


Epic Selfie is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by the company Tappstr. This AI tool allows users to take a selfie and merge it with a chosen fantasy scenario or character described by the user. Here are the details of how the tool works:

Prompt & Pick - Users describe their desired scene or character they want to appear in and select it from predefined options. These could include famous athletes, movie characters, superheroes, etc.
Mix & Match - After selecting the desired scene or character, users upload a clear, front-facing selfie with a neutral expression and no accessories or heavy shadows. The AI tool will then blend the user's facial features with the selected character or background.
Grab & Share - Once the transformation is complete, users can download a low-resolution version of their transformed selfie for free with a watermark. Alternatively, they can purchase a high-resolution version without a watermark. The final image can be shared on various platforms to impress friends and followers.
Overall, Epic Selfie provides a fun and engaging way for users to see themselves in different scenarios with ease while also showcasing the capabilities of AI technology.

Core Features

  1. Scene Selection: Users have access to a wide range of scenes and characters to choose from, allowing them to create unique and imaginative selfies.

  2. AI Blending Technology: Using advanced AI algorithms, the tool blends the user's face seamlessly into the chosen scene or character, resulting in a realistic and convincing composite image.

  3. Easy Upload Process: With just one click, users can easily upload their photo and begin creating their customized selfie within seconds.

  4. High-Resolution Output: Users can opt to purchase high-resolution versions of their created images without any watermarks, making them suitable for printing or sharing at large sizes.

  5. Social Media Sharing: Users can share their creations directly on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others right after generating their selfie.

  6. Free Low-Resolution Version: A lower resolution version of the generated selfie is available for free, which includes a small watermark.

  7. User Interface Design: The intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use the platform, regardless of technical expertise or experience using similar tools.

  8. Personalization Options: By allowing users to input specific prompts for their preferred scene or character, the tool offers personalized experiences tailored to each individual's preferences.

  9. Security Features: To protect user data privacy, all images are deleted immediately after processing, ensuring there are no long-term storage concerns.

Use Cases

  1. Sports Fanatic: Imagine yourself playing alongside your favorite professional athlete or team during a big game. You can pick a sports scene or player and insert your face onto the field or court.

  2. Fantasy Adventurer: Merge your face with those of mythical creatures, medieval knights, or even space explorers to become part of fantastic worlds beyond reality.

  3. Historic Moment: Place yourself inside iconic moments in history, such as standing next to Martin Luther King Jr. during his "I Have a Dream" speech or sitting atop the moon beside Neil Armstrong.

  4. Hollywood Star: Become the lead actor or actress in your favorite movies or TV shows by merging your face with popular characters or actors.

  5. Musician Magic: Insert your face into music videos or concerts of your favorite artists to live out your rockstar dreams.

  6. Artistic Masterpiece: Transform yourself into a classical painting or sculpture, becoming a part of art history and culture.

  7. Traveler's Delight: Add your face to breathtaking landscapes around the world, allowing you to travel virtually and relive memories through creative imagery.

  8. Dream Job: Visualize yourself in a profession or career path you aspire to pursue, whether it be a doctor, firefighter, pilot, scientist, or anything else.

  9. Animated Fun: Bring cartoons and animated series to life by placing your face over beloved characters, adding humor and nostalgia to your selfie collection.

  10. Wedding Wishes: Celebrate upcoming nuptials by combining your face with that of your partner or spouse, visualizing your love story together and preserving memories forever.

Pros & Cons


  • Unique, entertaining selfies

  • Advanced AI technology

  • Extensive selection of scenes

  • Realistic composites

  • Fast processing time

  • Intuitive interface

  • Secure data handling

  • Suitable for all ages

  • Affordable pricing

  • Direct social media integration

  • Customizable options

  • Regular updates

  • Collaboration opportunities

  • Inspires creativity

  • Educational value

  • Virtual try-on experience

  • Positive community engagement

  • Enhances online presence

  • Encourages positive self-expression

  • Offers escapism and joy


  • Limited output quality (low res free)

  • Watermark on free version

  • Occasional errors in alignment

  • Not fully representative of actual appearance

  • Can become repetitive

  • Possible copyright infringement issues

  • Requires internet connection

  • May encourage narcissistic behavior

  • Potential addiction risk

  • No offline mode available