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Beacons is an all-in-one creator platform that equips creators with the tools they need to run and monetize their business. It includes a link-in-bio, email marketing, online store, media kit creation, invoicing, and analytics. Essentially, creators can ditch their other subscriptions and use Beacons for everything. Beacons integrates with a number of popular tools including Mailchimp, Canva, Calendly, and Bitly.

Here are some of the benefits of using Beacons:

  • Cost-effective: By using Beacons, creators can avoid paying for multiple subscriptions to other tools.

  • Data syncing: Beacons syncs data across all of the creator’s tools, which provides valuable insights.

  • Ease of use: Beacons is easy to use and all the creator’s tools are accessible from one place.

  • Time-saving: Beacons eliminates the need to integrate multiple tools and saves creators time.

  • Brand cohesion: Beacons offers a cohesive brand experience for creators.

  • AI-powered features: Beacons uses AI to generate content, such as media kit emails, product descriptions, and bios.

  • Community: Beacons offers a community for creators to connect with each other.

Core Features

  1. Link in bio: A customizable landing page that aggregates all of a creator’s content links.

  2. Email marketing: Allows creators to build an email list and send targeted email campaigns.

  3. Online store: Enables creators to sell products, courses, memberships, and appointments.

  4. Media kit: A professional presentation of a creator’s work and accomplishments, which can be used to attract brand deals.

  5. Analytics: Provides creators with insights about their audience.

  6. Invoicing: Creates invoices and tracks payments.

Use Cases

  1. Independent musician: Sell digital albums, promote upcoming gigs, and build a mailing list for exclusive content.

  2. Freelance writer: Showcase writing samples through a portfolio, offer content creation services, and manage client invoices.

  3. Yoga instructor: Sell online yoga classes, offer personalized training plans, and build a community of students.

  4. Social media influencer: Create a branded landing page, partner with brands for sponsored content, and track campaign performance.

  5. Photographer: Sell digital prints and merchandise, offer photography packages, and connect with potential clients.

  6. App developer: Promote their apps, offer in-app purchases, and gather user feedback through email marketing.

  7. Personal trainer: Sell workout programs, offer online coaching sessions, and track client progress through analytics.

  8. Life coach: Provide online courses, hold group coaching sessions, and manage client communication through Beacons.

  9. Artist: Sell artwork online, promote upcoming exhibitions, and offer patrons exclusive content through email.

  10. DIY craft enthusiast: Sell handmade crafts, offer online tutorials, and build a community of fellow crafters.

Pros & Cons


  • All-in-one platform: Manage everything from your website to sales in one place.

  • Cost-effective: Avoid multiple subscriptions by using Beacons for all your needs.

  • Easy to use: No coding knowledge required, perfect for beginners.

  • Time-saving: Streamline workflows and save time managing different tools.

  • Data-driven insights: Gain valuable audience data through analytics.

  • Brand cohesion: Create a consistent brand experience across all platforms.

  • AI-powered features: Generate content and automate tasks with AI assistance.

  • Community support: Connect and learn from other creators using Beacons.

  • Sell physical & digital products: Offer a wider range of products to your audience.

  • Professional presentation: Create a polished media kit to impress potential clients.


  • Limited customization: Design options may be limited compared to custom websites.

  • Reliance on Beacons: May lock you into their platform and limit future flexibility.

  • Emerging technology: The platform may be evolving and lack some features of established tools.

  • Transaction fees: Beacons may take a cut of your sales.

  • Limited marketing integrations: May not integrate with every marketing tool you use currently.

  • Data privacy concerns: Understand how Beacons collects and uses your data.

  • Focus on creators: May not be ideal for larger businesses with complex needs.

  • Limited scalability: May not handle a large influx of customers effectively.

  • Dependence on user behavior: Requires users to have Bluetooth enabled and opt-in to receive notifications.

  • Security considerations: Ensure Beacons has robust security measures in place.


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